Grab Indian takeout for tonight’s dinner at Tikkaway Fresh Indian Grill

December 1, 2017

With a punny name like Tikkaway Fresh Indian Grill, this local Indian restaurant is proud to be the perfect place for all of your takeaway needs. If you’re craving Indian cuisine, this is the perfect place to pick up some fresh baked naan, a spicy curry, and fragrant jasmine rice to go.

Tikkaway Fresh Indian Grill is similar to other upscale fast food eateries like Chipotle in that you can choose from a variety of fresh ingredients to create your perfect meal. Add your choice of meats and vegetables to a roti wrap for a handheld lunch on the go, or create a rice or salad bowl with your favorite Indian sauces. With unbeatable low prices and fast, efficient service, this is the perfect place for a workday lunch or dinner at home.