March 24, 2017

The tech-y secret to having cozy apartments in New Haven

Getting the right temperature can be tricky with apartments in New Haven. To start, many old buildings are drafty or have quirky heating systems. Then there’s the famously unpredictable New England weather, which is trying even with the best warming and cooling equipment. Having erratic temperatures in your home just might send you running for new luxury apartments with efficient gas heat. And a better way to keep your apartment comfortable.

Enter the Nest Learning Thermostat, standard at apartments in New Haven at Corsair. The Nest is a wifi-enabled, programmable, and—most importantly—smart thermostat. Unlike the standard programmable kind, the Nest thermostat is self-learning. That means it predicts your patterns, such as when you’re home and what time you turn down the heat at night. It then automatically adjusts the temperature to fit your habits. Say you’re working late at Yale-New Haven Hospital or studying downtown and want your apartment toasty by the time you get home to East Rock. You can control Nest from your smartphone, even when you’re not home at Corsair.

To get the most out of your Nest and keep your New Haven rental cosy, follow these tips:

Choose (your settings) wisely

Used correctly, the Nest will save you money on your utilities. Though most of this happens automatically, your initial setup helps determine how much you save. Eco Temperatures are the default temperatures you tell Nest to use when you’re not home. The lower your temperature for heating or the higher for cooling, the greater the savings. If your apartment is empty when you’re away, you can push the limit on your temperature choices. If you have pets, however—as home to pet-friendly apartments in New Haven, Corsair welcomes dogs and cats—pick temperatures to keep your animal friends comfortable.

Talk it out

Wouldn’t it be great to change the temperature in your apartment just by talking? With Nest, you can! To make Nest voice activated, you need the Google app and a free account with an online tool that lets you create an automation—a command that happens when a specific action triggers it. Once you have that and a voice command on your smartphone, you’re ready to go. Here are the official instructions from Nest and a tutorial on setting this up.

Your fitness tracker: not just for counting steps

Nest figures out when you’re home and when you aren’t, but it can also (if you want) know when you’re sleeping and when you’re awake. How? By connecting to your fitness tracker. The function that monitors your sleep can also tell Nest to change the temperature when you wake up.  Aside from fitness trackers, though, there are many devices that hook up to Nest—everything from home lighting to sound systems. Fans of tech gadgets rejoice—you’ll find new ways to use yours at Corsair.

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