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Maximize the Zen feeling in your apartment home

December 29, 2016

Maximize the Zen feeling in your apartment home post image

While it’s not quite time for spring cleaning, you may feel like your apartment is due for a bit of a refresh. Instead of simply organizing your belongings, use these simple practices to improve the flow of your home and make it feel peaceful and relaxing.

  • Choose a layout that works for your space, not just one that looks nice. You may love the idea of your sofa over there, but if it causes you to bump into the corner every time you walk through the room, it’s probably not the best place for it. Re-arrange your furniture as many times as it takes to get the layout to the right place, and if you find that some of your pieces are too large for the room, try to replace them with something a bit more compact.
  • Add some greenery in the form of fresh herbs in the kitchen, hanging plants in the bedroom and adorable succulents in any small, bare areas. Not only do plants add a pop of color, they also clean the air and remove toxins to leave your home feeling fresh.
  • Minimize clutter in every room by adding the proper storage. Even if your home lacks closet space, utilize the ones it has by creating new shelves or large bins inside. Add tension rods if you need more places to hang your clothes, and install some temporary shelves that you can easily remove when you move out. You may even minimize clutter by purging anything you haven’t used in more than a year and donating it to a charity of your choice.
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