September 22, 2016

What you need to know about the grand opening at Corsair

We love a good party here at Corsair, so what better way to mark our grand opening? (It’s tonight!) We’ve got a lot to celebrate! It’s not just that do we have the swankiest apartments in town. (Hey, the New Haven Register just about said so: “a setting with a SoHo hotel vibe.”) We’ve got some terrific residents and we live in a great little city. And everybody’s talking about us (in a good way). In fact, here’s what a visitor said, with no prompting from us, we swear:



But to see it for yourself, come to Corsair tonight. (Just don’t forget to tell us you’ll be there. Space is limited.)

To get the party started, we’ve got the Key West Trio (“the Northeast’s #1 Jimmy Buffett & Beach Boys cover band”) playing out on the patio. Enjoy the tunes and check out the movie screen, pool, cabanas, and all of the other amenities.

Oh, and there’s plenty of food. There will be cheeseburgers out on the patio—do you detect a theme?—and some other goodies from the grill. Also, the bartenders from Mezcal, our favorite Mexican restaurant and wonderful next door neighbor will be pouring margaritas all night. (Yep—again with the theme.) Not a tequila drinker? Don’t worry. The experts at the Wine Thief have picked out some wonderful wines and beers. And to finish it all off, the talented pastry chef at Zinc, one of the most acclaimed of New Haven’s many excellent restaurants, created a delightful peach shortbread just for us.

It’s going to be a beautiful night, so come on over to East Rock (or Goatville or Upper State Street, if you prefer), check out our new apartments in New Haven, and celebrate at Corsair with us.

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