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The artists of Corsair are in the news!

June 20, 2016

The artists of Corsair are in the news! post image

In case you missed it, there was a recently a fabulous article in the New Haven Independent about the artists of Corsair. The story is about how developer Andy Montelli of Post Road Residential commissioned art by local and other artists for the building. In doing so, he’s created a new place to live that’s not just another group of luxury apartments in New Haven.  And, the story explains, it’s an amenity unusual for apartments for rent in New Haven.

The inclusion of art has won the praise of many in New Haven’s art community. That includes gallery owner Fred Giampietro of Giampietro Gallery. Under a partnership with the gallery, there will be a changing selection of works by Giampietro’s featured artists in Corsair’s State Street window. Here’s what the gallery owner had to say in the story:


Giampietro also noted Montelli’s extraordinary and serious effort in commissioning and supporting local artists.


“Montelli is not decorating with the work,” Giampietro said. “He’s treating it like a serious corporate collection.”


It’s all about making an apartments in New Haven that are unique to the city, Montelli said:


“New Haven is a town that reveres its arts community and you always try to make a building of its place.”


In accompanying photos by arts writer David Sepulveda (that’s his photo above), you can see how the artwork is incorporated the building’s luxury apartment amenities. There is artwork in the state-of-the-art gym, in the resident’s lounge, and event in the courtyard.

Head over to the New Haven Independent to read the whole story.

Update (7/18/16): A few weeks later, the Daily Nutmeg featured a story about another Corsair artist, Krikko Obbott—known as Krikko—who created the massive drawing of New Haven in our lobby. The story, by Emerson Smith, focuses on Krikko’s most famous work, his giant drawing of New York City. One quote may also apply to his incredibly intricate drawing for Corsair, however:

“The detail gives me a chance to express my restless energy,”

Read it here at the Daily Nutmeg.

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