June 6, 2016

Are these apartments a work of art? Or a historic site? Come find out!

You can tour Corsair any time and see the apartments, but this month, there’s an opportunity to take a closer look. Corsair is included in the International Festival of Arts & Ideas, a New Haven institution that brings a whirlwind of performances and events to town for 15 days every June. The festival—New Haven’s mini take on the world’s great arts gatherings like Spoleto and Edinborough—is best known for music, theater, and other performing arts. But there are also plenty of, well, ideas, too. That’s where the Corsair and the walking tours come in. (See the full tour description or reserve your spot here.)

Corsair is featured in the popular Trex series, in which festival goers explore New Haven’s food offerings, take classes with featured musicians and dancers, venture into nature, and more. (In fact, the Mill River—one of our neighborhood landmarks in East Rock—is another excursion option.) Our tour will look how a new apartment community uses reclaimed materials, the repurposing of an original 1880 factory building, and works by local artists and artisans to carry on a legacy of manufacturing and innovation. It’s all part of series that emphasizes “making” then and now. Also on the list:

But the questions remain: Is this a tour of apartments in New Haven? A bunch of fun facts about the local history of manufacturing? An art collection? A show of craft furniture? A demonstration of how reclaimed materials are used? An exploration of historic preservation?


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